Carowinds Camp Snoopy

Charlotte, NC

Carowinds Camp Snoopy is located in Charlotte, NC.

Cedar Fair Entertainment Company based in Sandusky OH, the 8th largest amusement park company runs 12 parks, 2 outdoor water parks, one indoor water park and 5 hotels wanted to add a new feature that they have not done in the past in a Camp Snoopy playground area. The first of its kind was introduced at Knott’s Berry Farms for kids under 12, then the second one at Cedar Point and this one was the third at Carowinds. They also added six new rides with the same theme.

Custom Miracle Recreation product in an enclosed elevated structure, hillside slides, and several freestanding pieces for children of younger ages along with customized shade sails to fit the theme. Surfacing is Shaw Play 50 turf with hydrochill to keep the heat down on the play surface and provide the natural look in keeping with the Snoopy theme.

Howard’s General Contracting – local installer

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